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So now you are a successful author, or well on your way to being one, and that requires dressing the part for promotional materials, interviews, and making public appearances.

Your appearance directly affects your credibility,  behavior, body language and others’ perception of you.  And, perhaps most importantly, it affects your own confidence level, which is key to becoming a successful author.

When used properly, your clothing and grooming act as a resourceful tool that will help you achieve personal and professional success. Your image is what speaks the loudest volume before you ever have the chance to say a word.    You have a limited amount of time to make a powerful impression, whether it is on a book tour, in an interview, or a book signing.

Our consultant can review your wardrobe with you and weed out any unnecessary or unflattering items. We will create new outfits with your existing clothing and accessories and make a list of essential items you need to pull your wardrobe together and bring the image you want to project up-to-date.

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