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Book Design

Cover Design

The truth is, most of us do judge books by their covers. The visual summation of your book is the basis on which many people make the decision to buy it or not.

Basic Cover Design

It is tempting when you are publishing your book, particularly your first book, to try to design its cover yourself, or to get a friend who has some graphic design experience, or a creative eye, to do it.

That’s probably a mistake.

Your book cover is an integral part of your sales and marketing efforts.  After an initial discussion with you, our designers will create a professional book cover for you using stock photography and standard templates.

Custom Cover Design

You may prefer to take your book cover to the next level, leaving your readers with a memorable impression of your work.  After a discussion with you on your goals for your manuscript, our designers will create a custom book cover for you (with up to ten hours of design time from one of our professional graphic designers), which will include:

  • Varied images, textures, fonts, and background colors designed into a notable, customized cover
  • Placement of your back cover text, author photo  and barcode, if available
  • Cover formatting and sizing for your book’s specific trim size
  • A consultation and regular interaction with the design team so your cover reflects your original inspiration and vision



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