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Comprehensive Editing

Before you do anything else—whether you are independently publishing your book or shopping your manuscript on the traditional publishing route—you need to have it in the best form possible.

You have only one chance to make a first impression, and it is often the only chance to make any impression at all.   Make it a great one!

Our Comprehensive Editing package includes the following:

  • Copy Edit—Micro:   A professional editor will review your manuscript and provide suggestions to improve the following elements, all while respecting your writing style and the overall tone of your manuscript:
    • Consistency
    • Grammar
    • Organization
    • Punctuation
    • Spelling
  • Copy Edit—Developmental:  Developmental editing is a thorough line edit that includes technical corrections as well as suggestions from our professional editors to help you improve literary elements such as character development, dialogue, tone, plot and organization.

Non-fiction editors will focus on clarity and consistency of message and organization.

Your edited manuscript will be accompanied by an overview from your editor that will provide feedback on the manuscript as a whole and target specific edits

within the manuscript that require your review and will assist in improving the work as a whole.

  • Fact Checking:  We provide third-party fact checking for facts and figures in your non-fiction manuscript, report or article.   Our fact checkers uses many tools, including their own store of information, internet, research journals, government information stores, and first persons.
  • Final Proofing:  Our professionals will provide one round of proofreading for your manuscript as a final check for typographical errors before final submission to an agent or to printer.

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