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Honing Your Craft

Honing Your Craft Latest

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I Object!

By: William E. Moore, Jr., Esquire

We have all watched enough television to believe we know most of the basics of the US legal system. It makes for great drama when Perry Mason or Ben Matlock pace the courtroom gesticulating wildly and putting their hands on the jury box and leaning in to make a point. My personal favorite is probably when, in great detail, the lawyer tells the witness/suspect what happened on the night of the murder/crime/kidnapping – and no one objects.

Getting the Right Prescription

By: Caroline Smart

Or maybe it should be “Getting the Prescription Right.” As a nurse, I have long winced over incorrect medical terminology in novels. A lot of writers get even the basics wrong, and they lose me right away if an error is made as I tend to get stuck and stop paying attention to the storyline. In medicine, when a mistake is made, sometimes people die, and that is to be avoided at all costs.

Some cringe-worthy examples I have seen include:

Cut four more pieces from the remaining fabric

By: Meredith Saunders

My inner schoolteacher comes out when I edit, which is actually a good thing for my authors. Time and again, I see the same common grammatical mistakes, and I realize this is because they are hard! Personally, I have a problem with were and where, but I think that is just a brain glitch when it comes to typing on my part since they have no connection in meaning. The following examples, however, do have similar meanings, and it is too easy to get tripped up by them.

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