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Chester County Sheriff Alex Underwood told

Chester County Sheriff Alex Underwood told the South Carolina parole board Oct. 11 that his office had re opened the case months ago and his detectives found discrepancies in the original investigation. McCurkin and Degraffenreid, it turns out, had alibis, witnesses and more evidence that showed both were not at the crime scene.. replica ray […]

11 reasons to get excited for the 2015 women’s u

Lin belonged to all of us. Now, he somehow belongs to Asia, a devolution of his identity in the national imagination. As sports commentators prattle on about how Houston puts Lin closer “to the Asian market” it’s as if he might just as well be from China. “If you’re seeing a change in the number […]

places to propose in new york city

Many experts have highlighted the need to modernize the electric grid, including deploying “smart grid” technologies, to reduce the risk of widespread outages during storms. (See related story: “Can Hurricane Sandy Shed Light on Curbing Power Outages?”) The DOE report stressed the need for energy storage and improved grid monitoring. But rethinking the central power […]

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