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Archive for March, 2014

Erie G Devin Williams leads the OHL with a 2.06 goals against average

Without those frisky chemicals buzzing around you to jump him anytime, anywhere moves to your brain’s back burner. To recapture the animal attraction that leads to spontaneous sex, you need to act like you did when you first got together and were having sex all the time. In other words, keep up with the bikini […]

4 takeaways from the exit polls

The History of Invicta Watch Group, and the quality of the watches that they produce, should speak for themselves. Invicta Watch Group is a name you can trust for high quality, fashionable timepieces. I take pride in making sure that all my customers are well taken care of and that everyone who buys a watch […]

Weren’t jokes about mullets already tired in the ’90s?

Shot under the guise of a documentary, the series reveals the dramatic personal return that millionaires will get when they leave their fortunes to invest in those less fortunate. Challenged with living on minimum wage, the millionaires will immerse themselves in situations beyond their comprehension. They will work side by side with community members and […]

4 stories from wednesday night

Being a part of a basketball team and playing the game is indeed great fun. But the actual seriousness of the game does not seep in if the players are not in basketball uniforms. Basketball jerseys when worn by the players give a completely different and professional look. While this pattern describes most of the […]

You know, only one team has done it this decade

Enter veteran backup quarterback, who will fill in with ‘s sprained left knee still not quite ready. The Dolphins went 2 1 down the stretch with Moore under center. All due respect to the 24 year old Bell, the 32 year old Moore’s wait for this moment has been considerably longer.. Radrizzani has purchased his […]

I don’t know if the NFL is going to revisit his case

So I read some articles about Brown trout fishing in New Mexico and I learned that there is a river called Rio Vallecitos which has a bunch of Brown trout in it. It is fed by a creek called Placer Creek, which dries up during the summer near its northern most point. This happens above […]


22, 2017, in the AFC championship game. The Steelers, Cowboys and Denver Broncos, all with eight Super Bowl trips apiece, must wait another year before trying to join the Patriots in rarefied company. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer, File)(Photo: The Associated Press)Bill Belichick has done something neither Chuck Noll, Tom Landry nor Bill Walsh ever managed. Ms. […]">

Three and a half months later, the Thunder are finding out what life without Westbrook is really like. It had become a rite of spring the past few years to pile on him for his frequent shoot first, ask questions later game. Yet without him, the Thunder are exactly what they are showing themselves to […]

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