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To get the full

“If you look at the house right at this minute, it doesn’t look much different from the face of it than it did in 2006. You have to be intimately acquainted with the house to know the work we’ve put into it already,” Meredith said. “When we got the house, the historic preservation society had […]

Carlile was the publisher

Carlile was the publisher of (and main contributor to) a weekly periodical, Sherwin’s Political Register, which, in August 1819, he restarted under its original title of Republican and continued to publish until the end of 1826. At first, it sold for twopence, but after the Blasphemous and Seditious Libels Act came into force in 1820, […]

Don want China dictating to me

Don want China dictating to me and this was a call put in to me, Trump said. Was a very nice call. Short. He was some boy for the money mastery back in the day. After starting out in stockbroking in the late 80s, he founded his own firm on Long Island. Quickly, they took […]

I could go on for days listing

I could go on for days listing the erroneous promises our President assured us he would follow through with back in the last days of President George W. Bush. Although it seems like nothing good can come out of this presidency, I still see a light at the end of the tunnel. But even budget […]

Maurice River

Maurice River. Trois Rivi begs a pedestrian’s pace (information on self guided theme walks available at the Tourist Office). Start at the Mus qu de culture populaire (200 rue Laviolette; ttel. It had its ups and downs, and now appears to be in a period of resurgence having been, along with City Hall, given a […]

But even the NFL is not immune

But even the NFL is not immune to a struggling economy. According to figures compiled by Business Insider, attendance at games has slipped four years in a row. In 2007, the league’s teams, on average, played to 99.9 percent capacity; last season, that figure was 94.6 percent. Package theft. Guard against thieves who may steal […]

The burger

The burger. The chili dog. If you dying for pastrami, though, take solace in the fact that one sandwich can easily stretch into two meals.. He has battled heroin addiction himself and knows no community is immune. “When you are stuck in an addiction, it doesn’t matter who you are around. When someone is going […]

People don get to see these

People don get to see these bands perform anywhere else. It is a reunion of sorts, for a great cause, with musicians celebrating their homecoming, almost an class reunion of sorts, since the musicians are of all different ages, backgrounds, and live all over the country. A lot of camaraderie between the bands and the […]

Wharton marketing professor

Wharton marketing professor Len Lodish agrees. Vice presidents in the financial services industry typically sales positions. That no big deal. If you have something like that while also delivering a drama, you balance things out and then you have ‘Lawless Ireland’ and ‘Dirty Money’ and they are real chunky crime series which are really important […]

Alongside rising beef prices

Alongside rising beef prices, cattle producers received more great news this week as corn prices fell near a six month low. Cattle are predominantly fattened up on a diet of corn, making grain costs a major concern for producers. This week’s drop, combined with the rise in cattle futures, is creating significantly larger profit margins […]

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