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Archive for September, 2012

Websites for Writers

The following websites are dedicated to writers and their craft and are recommended by the consultants at the Literary Marketing Group.

Opportunity and Challenge in a Rapidly Changing Industry

By: Susan Shallcross

It would seem that the compulsion to write is so fundamental to our species that we will always find a way to do it. But the ways do, indeed, keep evolving. The Digital Age has ushered in the kind of seismic changes not seen for two centuries, bringing with it some challenges but also unparralleled opportunity.

After the Recession, Threats and Opportunities for Entrepreneurs

By: Deborah L. Lewis, ChFC, MBA, CPA

Unfortunately, few operating businesses are immune to the effects of the recent credit crunch. As the threat of possible inflation and rising prices continues, oftentimes available credit will tighten. Small business owners may be left to restock inventories with less liquidity.

“Whew!” Other leg, so I’m just curling as I step down

These books are favorite resources of LMG consultants for improving your writing.

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