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Book Editorial, Design and Marketing Services

What We Offer

One-on-One Attention

The Literary Marketing Group (LMG) is composed of professionals well-qualified to assist you in all aspects—copy-editing, graphic design, publishing and marketing—of completing your masterpiece and successfully bringing it to market.

  • Have you written an extraordinary book but have no idea how to market it?
  • Have you written a murder mystery but are not sure that your method of dispatch is medically correct?
  • Have you written a self-help book and would appreciate the review of a qualified psychologist?
  • Have you written a legal thriller but are not positive about some of the legal technicalities you have included?

We can help.

LMG is unique in that we have a network of consultants from the marketing, academic, business, legal, and medical arenas, as well as traditional copy-editors, proof-readers and fact-checkers.  This enables us to not only make certain your work is factually correct and feasible, but also that it is being reviewed with an understanding of your target readership.  Our team is well-qualified to help you produce the most sophisticated, professional looking book possible and then provide the strategic marketing consultation and support to bring it to your readers.

So whatever your goals are fo

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